The colors of spring collections

 In the coming season, almost without wedding gowns exception, the designers prefer minimalism. Elegant simplicity, straight and thin lines, slim silhouette become mandatory to create a fashionable woman's wardrobe. Thing of the past fussy decoration and complex cut clothes, crazy mix of bright colors and patterns. In a fashion classic three basic shades - white, beige, blue. They, according to leading designers, the best way solve the basic problem of fashionable clothing in spring 2011 - to emphasize the natural beauty, softness and elegance of women. Unconditional favorite fashion show - white. Badgley Mischka, Preen, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander Wang, Ralph Lauren, Elie Saab and many other well-known brands have used it for their models. Demand all shades - from cold, snow-white to warm tones of ivory or dry champagne. This year, no collection of clothing has not been without things made ??in this range, and on many shows were presented exclusively white things , like Calvin Klein and Julien McDonald. What is not surprising, since this color is perfect for building an ensemble in a minimalist style. However, these advantages are not limited to light shades. Have you ever wondered why the paper is white? And it all is that this is the ideal background color that can emphasize and highlight the contrasting detail, which was demonstrated at fashion shows for spring-summer 2011 from Ralph Lauren. American designer invited to combine white cotton and silk, with dark-chocolate velvety suede, fine workmanship. Natural materials, strict geometric lines and precise proportions of turning even the most simple ensemble of this collection is a work of art. Another indisputable advantage of white is its versatility. It is suitable for different types of looks, eye color, skin or hair, and is appropriate in almost any situation: in the office, on a walk, on sports training, at a party. Therefore, in the spring collections, it was possible to see completely different things, done in white: cocktail and evening dresses , trouser suits, jackets , shorts , overalls, and of course her edressme blouse . Yves Henri Mathieu Don Saint-Laurent (1936 - 2008) - French fashion designer, who reigned in the world of high fashion in the 1960s and 1970s. After the death of Christian Dior, Yves who started as an assistant in 1957 became head of its model homes. In 1961 he founded his own fashion house. The first collection was published in 1962 with his light hand women's fashion has to absorb the elements of man's clothes - leather jackets , hip boots, and even tuxedos (1966). It is considered the founder of the style of "unisex". The second most popular can be called a beige tone. But not the bright and luscious shade of camel's hair, so beloved by us in the autumn, but much more light and thin. Cream, beige and pale terra-cotta color will highlight the most profitable summer tan. That they were chosen for their spring collections, Roberto Cavalli, Yves Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo. In the golden-beige palette created a surprisingly elegant and feminine ensembles presented in a show of Don Curran. Smooth lines and simple trim perfectly highlight the beauty of expensive fabrics - silk and satin. Do not forget that this is a natural beige color leather and suede. Because of these precious materials created magnificent ensembles Hermes. The mass of shades - from chocolate to mustard, fine finishes and elegant tailoring gives this particular style for spring. No less popular, and blue. He makes dresses and suits a particular brightness and piercing. Light, muted blue or bright shade of a cloudless summer sky are perfect for light summer dresses and business suits , such models can be seen in the collections of Issey Miyake, Marios Schwab, Peter Pilotto and Marc Jacobs. And for the publication of the designers chose to vintage wedding dresses use brighter, more saturated colors, like the shows and evening cocktail dresses from Giorgio Armani, Vivienne Tam, Proenza Schouler, Versace, which was dominated by dark blue and dark blue.

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"A whiff of the Century"

Fashion Consulting Group and State David's Bridal University - Higher School of Economics are 4 and December 5, 2009 lecture series by Alexander Vasilyev, "A whiff of the Century" (History of the Twentieth Century Russian fashion). In Alexander Vassiliev has amazing talent - to revive the past. The best-known and respected researcher in his fashion finds those elusive details, rhythms, shapes and colors that make for us the past is absolutely visible and tangible. This gift - the result of constant hard work of the researcher and collector of rarities. Romantic ball gowns, coats strict, smart coats, sailor and nostalgic children's brutal commissar leather jacket, suits, angular "Moskvoshveya" and summer sundresses inmates undergo a succession of images Peredelkino ghost in a unique series of lectures about the Russian fashion of the twentieth century. "Fashion - says Vasiliev - is closely connected with everything that happens in the social, economic, cultural and even political life. That's why after decades of all documentaries about fashion, apparel and accessories, portraits and photographs bridal gowns become the most valuable historical evidence. " The course of lectures "Blow the century" - is a detailed story about the Russian fashion of the last century, its fleeting and sharp changes "moods." The material of lectures based on the unique source of the richest collection of the historian: fashion magazines, newspapers, interviews and recordings of conversations with renowned fashion designers, actresses, models, in short, those who created and wore fancy clothes. Alexander Vasilyev - an apologist for the Russian fashion, the man who expanded the scope of our presentation on the work of local artists, designers, tailors. He spoke about the Russian style, which goes beyond the banal stereotypes about Diaghilev's seasons and socialist realism: "In the twentieth century, Russia was the original creative potential, which she opened a very peculiar way." The timing of lectures 4 December: 18.30 - 21.20 The lecture: The history of Russian fashion beginning of the twentieth century The cost of the lecture: 700 rub. Venue: The State Tretyakov Gallery, Conference Hall, Art. Metro Oktyabrskaya, or Cultural Park, Krimsky Val, Building 10. Time lecturing 5 December: 11.00 - 18:00 The lecture: The history of Russian fashion mid-and late twentieth century The cost of the lecture: 1 200 rub. Venue: University - Higher School of Economics, a conference hall, art. metro Pushkinskaya or Tverskaya cheap wedding dresses Small Gnezdnikovsky lane, 4. Project organizer: the company Fashion Consulting Group and State University - Higher School of Economics

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From the history of women's turtlenecks

In 1959, Pierre Cardin legible shocked the French public for its collection of pret-a-porter, the main element of which was a turtleneck. This act of the young couturier was so blatant that Pierre Cardin was excluded from the Syndicate of High Fashion. But despite this, turtlenecks started winning streak over the world.

In many ways, the success and rapid spread of these clothes have contributed to show-business stars and fashion of the time, in particular, the group "The Beatles" and the model Twiggy. Following Pierre Cardin and other designers have been actively used turtleneck dress in their collections. Yves Saint Laurent brought such a formula the appearance of a business lady: " A narrow black skirt and black turtleneck jersey fine - that's my image of a business woman . "

Pierre Cardin was the designer who invented the knitted fabric, called "noodles." Because of this jersey, "noodles" generally, and sewed a turtleneck. They fit snugly to the body was warm, emphasized the figure of a woman and have been democratic for the price. They could be in the locker room a few pieces and putting under the same business woman suit every time and look fresh in a new way, through different colors. It is interesting that, despite its simple, standard fit and the main feature - the high neck, you want to tuck, and which serves as a stationary scarf sewn to the sweater, turtlenecks, too, as well as other wardrobe items - skirts , dresses , shoes - with time experienced the fashion trends.

Women's turtleneck
It is difficult to imagine a more democratic, comfortable and versatile piece of clothing, than turtleneck. Surely, anyone of us at least two divers, but you always want to make it a lot: wool and cotton, and colored products rigorous, dark colors. In turtleneck we go to work in theater, on dates and business meetings.

Turtlenecks in women's clothing stores Koza de Reza

History turtleneck
And, meanwhile, a turtleneck is not immediately settled down in closets fashionistas and fashionistas. The very name, the look of the clothes (especially the appearance of who it is) is associated with a diving suit, and not by accident. It is the divers in the 19th century were the first to wear these clothes under heavy diving suits. Feature of the sweatshirt was that it was not just jumpers and jumper with high neck, which could tuck the two, even three times. This created an additional protection for the neck when putting metal diving suits.

Later, on the turtlenecks turned their attention to the pilots. The first planes were open, in-flight ice wind penetrated through and through. Turtlenecks are worn under the flight jacket, thus protecting the body and neck from the cold. Gradually, many pilots in the early 20s of last century, began to wear turtlenecks and in everyday life, putting them under the costumes. French test pilot Albert Santos - Dumont was the first who appeared in a secular society in the turtleneck, worn under civilian clothes, not under the flight jacket.

Following the race drivers and aviators have their professional piece turtleneck dress. The reasons were the same: tight to the body of a sweater with high neck protected from the wind and cold from contact with the helmet.

During the Second World War, turtlenecks became a part of military uniforms in many countries.


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Ideal dresses for larger women

 Any ceremonial event for women, whom nature bestowed weighty virtues, is a righteous horror. After all, has always been widely believed that the pick up evening dresses for ladies complete a problem. Women who are dissatisfied with their figure often suffer from their own ignorance. Few believe that pick up dresses for the girls complete is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, the main thing to know some secrets of style and color. Remember, ladies, possessing exceptional qualities - you always have something to show.

Previously, women with overweight and did not expect to pick up clothes. Fortunately, modern designers have been paying more attention to them. Now for the full evening dress in abundance in the stores and fashion boutiques. Famous fashion designers are working hard to develop such cuts, which would focus on the merits, and hide some of the shortcomings of the female figure.

Everyone knows that fat ladies tend to boast a chic bust, which is of interest in a certain category of men called "all." Yes, indeed it is. And stress can be a magnificent bust with a deep neckline or a V-neckline on your dress. Draw attention to it as needed, using bows and lace.

Cocktail dresses for girls complete as the evening should not be too short. The optimal length - "in the floor." Also, note that perfect dress should not be too swift a figure, let it be A-line dress. You can also choose an evening dress which is tied back with a wide belt and a flaring skirt.

If you kompleksuete about protruding belly, your style - dress where the waistline is too high. This will allow free flow along bottom, not obtyagivaya trouble spots, and your silhouette visually look more elongated.

Never wear a dress with wide sleeves or sleeves flashlight. It will emphasize the fullness of the hands. Beautiful shawl or poncho can help hide this gap.

If you have a small increase and the figure is far from perfect, is preferable dresses without unnecessary details. Let them be plain and not attract undue attention.

Speaking of colors. By choosing dresses for the ladies to complete and do not forget about it. Prefer dresses brown, purple, black, blue, emerald green and dark red. Of course, wise to, renounce dresses in white, pink or beige tone. Light colors give your figure the amount of waste, in addition, you are rewarded by nature. Give up poisonous shades. Showing you the deep color of the noble. Also, eliminate big picture, and a strip cell.

Some women try to put on a dress that perfectly sat a year ago. Be adequate, relevant and reasonably assess the situation. Thus you will not be slimmer, but will just look ridiculous.

Persona non grata in your wardrobe - all sorts of wrinkles, glitter, lots of details, draperies, and excessive encirclement. But the ball gowns can successfully hide the extra weight of the legs, hips and abdomen. A simple cut and simple design - the basic parameters that you have to guide the choice of dresses for special occasions. This will help make your figure more visually coherent.

Evening dresses for larger women affect a variety of styles and interesting solutions. Do not worry if you've grown out of its previous size. Modern design idea works for you, lovely lady, suffering from obesity. Most importantly, find your ideal dress sits on you like a glove and will fly at this point the thought: "That's it! My!". And then, you will be simply irresistible.


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How to open a second hand

So. You have pondered opening their own shop and you are interested in this stuff second hand.
We congratulate you, you chose the right path, and our simple tips will help you to understand some nuances of this interesting, exciting and profitable, yes, yes, it is profitable, business.

In any case, recall that the second hand - any thing second-hand. For example clothes, shoes and accessories.

Let's start with the characteristics of second-hand clothing trade.


small initial investment;
sufficient return on investment.

found a negative relation to the goods from the buyers.
To open the second-hand shops will require a minimum of means. Prices of second hand, buying clothes in bulk , very low in comparison with the prices of new clothes. Investments depend on the location of the outlet, a form of trade and prices. The payback period is okolo1 year. In the intermediate seasons, spring and fall, and you can recapture the money quickly.

Start of course, you can trade with cots on the street. It's certainly less risky, but still that something was wrong. Especially that of clothing in the markets is not so popular a few years ago. Growing popularity among large and beautiful stores that attract shoppers with bright windows and loud commercials.

The room must be selected from 40 m2 - this will expand the range in a more attractive and convenient for buyers form. If you have a room quite large (100 m2) can safely divide it into sections for men, women and children's clothing. This allows buyers second hand clothes in the store easier to navigate.
Just do not forget to wear the trays, hangers, and of course about dressing mirrors!

It is worth considering, and a separate room, where you can calmly analyze clothing seknod hand, hang it on the coat racks and put into categories.

The most important question - is the choice of supplier wholesale clothing . One of the best options - is to select one vendor and buy clothes in bulk from him in large volumes. This will get special discounts on clothing wholesale, and also may be trained. Acquainted with our offer to sell water wholesale to this page.

On average, a month of work needed to store about 1 ton of things. Sell ??as a mixed wholesale clothing, and various sorting. Before buying, we offer open bag with clothes and see its contents.

Range - a delicate matter.
For a start is better to try Mix clothing wholesale of men, women, children and teen clothing of different price categories. Then simply keep track of the clothes, which are in great demand and, therefore, have the following mix buy second hand clothing in bulk.

And once again draw your attention to the fact that the trading floor must be fitting with mirrors and rugs on the floor, just a big plus is the placement of mirrors and in the room trying on clothing.
Put the packing table outlet store, and on entering special boxes where you can leave large bags and packages that may interfere with the choice of clothes.

If you have any questions or want to refer to specialists for consultation , we are at your service. E-mail us or call us at any time of day (do not forget about time zones!)


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Find the colors of the clothes - is it necessary?

There are colors of clothes, who "improve" the complexion, visually

smooth wrinkles, young, clean bags under the eyes. Different colors of

clothing can create the appearance of the transformation of your

image. As well there are colors that are not capable of such a

transformation, but quite the contrary may age, adding age, slim

figure and hide more.
Color Picker

Your color palette can pick up the image-maker. Shades depend on the

person, someone can come up all the colors of the rainbow. The palette

can contain only warm, not bright colors, cold, or vice versa, catchy.

According to statistics, many women suits or bright palette, or

pastel. The combination of all colors are not available to all types

of women.
Pluses and minuses

Selected color palette creates a visual effect really Facial

Rejuvenation, stress freshness and health, and embellish your face

without makeup.

Every color has an impact on the body, emotional state and mood. There

is even such a thing as "color therapy", with which you can cure

various diseases.

In the chosen color specialist can attend only the cool colors, or,

for example, only warm. Psychologists believe that when a person

chooses a particular color, it is guided by an internal need to

achieve harmony within yourself. This most often happens


If the proposed image-maker of the palette include the colors that you

are lacking, then that's fine, that happens infrequently. Otherwise,

the colors that make you prettier and younger, can cause an internal

Color Saturation

The color palette can be selected so that one person will only bright

colors, and another - only the pale. As you know, not just the color

affects the emotional state, but also its intensity. Bright colors can

invigorate and tone up, and pastels, on the contrary, soothe and


If you always wear only bright colors or pastel, it can lead to

emotional imbalance, depressive mood. Such results can lead a rich and

vibrant colors, and serene, pastel.

As noted by sociologists, many people who switched to the color

palette from which he proposed, the apparent deterioration of the

internal emotional state. Those who were offered pastel shades, said

that their life has become dull with internal disharmony. And soon as

they move to the bright color, like life was adjusted immediately.

Those who are image makers have advised to wear bright colors, marked

"emotional burnout" of anger and suspiciousness. A transition to a

more peaceful tone, their internal state immediately stabilized.

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Healthy Emotion - by Kevin Roberts

Much can be, and has been, said on the subject of emotion. The word

emotion itself means to express or get out. Yet often times emotion

leads to unsatisfactory results. We feel drained instead of

invigorated. Surely this natural function of the bodymind has a

possible healthy purpose. Here we shall examine what that purpose, or

function, is, where we went wrong, and how to remedy the situation;

this will lead us to healthy emotion.

Emotional expression is something we are born with, in that we are

capable of it without instruction. This expression settles in when we

are primarily involved in learning how to move (see Language of

Movement). Movement is learned by imitation, so we naturally have some

crossover in emotional imitation. Since people in general do not have

healthy emotion, and we imitate people - namely our parents, siblings,

and other caregivers - we imitate this deviation from healthy emotion

right from the start. (Let us not put blame on these folks, for they

are in the same boat with us.)

A few basic examples are useful to ponder as we consider where we

strayed. One easy illustration is 'controlling' emotion - which really

means stopping it. Of course we need control, just as with bowel

movements, which we also learn at this time. However, with our bowels

we are allowed relief at a proper time; emotions are postponed

indefinitely. This is evident in common phrases like "There's nothing

to be scared of . . ." or "It's going to be alright," etc. If we

learned also an appropriate time and place for expression of emotion,

this control could become useful. There would be a lot fewer temper

tantrums as well.

Another example is 'labeling' emotions, generally as good or bad,

acceptable and not acceptable. When this happens - say, when a little

girl is allowed to cry but nothing else - then all expression is

funneled into one outward manifestation. This is not a satisfying

expression and drains the system of energy.

Both of these examples are forms of my third example, 'denial' of

emotion. This includes any attempt to discount emotion, such as "I'll

give you something to whine about!" which basically says our emotion is

wrong, or should not exist. When emotion is met by this kind of violent

reaction, it gradually shuts down, or is denied. This repression of

emotion takes a great energetic toll on the bodymind. These three

examples should suffice to make a beginning in our journey.

One of my favorite sayings is "The only negative emotion is an

unresolved emotion." Truly resolution defines emotion. Until it 'comes

out,' it is not yet emoted. This strange energy of unexpressed emotion

is a poison to us. The way to relief is to lance the boil, so to speak.

There are many methods for getting 'caught up' with old emotions; I

will not detail them here, but bodywork is fundamental to most of these

methods. They must be resolved because any current expression will be

tainted by them. The key in this, and please read this carefully, is

not to analyze during emotion. Many lines of esoteric teaching tell us

that thought opposes emotion, and you will find this is true. The

emotion must be allowed to run its course. Then, if you wish, you may

analyze (you will find things much clearer then as well). In reality,

analysis is usually an attempt to abort expression, albeit

unconsciously (that is, by imitation).

So now we have covered, in basic formulations, where we went wrong and

how to fix it. We now come to the why: Why have emotion at all? What

good is it? Since we know that emotion is part of our machinery, we

will look for its normal, or healthy, function. I will begin with Five

Element Theory, which provides a simple, yet complete understanding of

emotional integration. The five basic emotions are fear, anger, joy,

compassion, and grief. If we see each 'element' as being in

relationship to the others (and not as good or bad), and needing

balance in this relation, we are moving in the right direction. Each

element can be 'symptomatic,' or have too much energy, as when anger

becomes rage. Each element can be depleted, as when joy becomes

sadness. Or they can be in balance, in which we could call fear

'respect' (this gives a new meaning to 'fear of God'). If we look

carefully, we can distill every emotion to one of these five and then

seek balance. Five Element Theory has much to say about this balance.

Where would we be without healthy anger? We would have no boundaries.

Without fear we have no sense of scale. Without joy we are depressed

(this topic will be addressed in another paper). These emotions are as

necessary as the air we breathe; in fact they are related to and are in

the air. Without them we are choked off (yes, there is a direct

correlation with asthma and other diseases). This leads into our final

point: What does healthy emotion look like? Here we must be clear by

using objective results. In the last paper we spoke of "expression of

negative emotions" (see Identifying Stress) as a leak in the bodymind.

Let's explore what this means in the context of healthy emotion. We all

have experience of two basic modes of expression: one kind gives

energy, the other drains us. Notice that I didn't say "feels good" -

this is because expression of negative emotions often seems to feel

good. There is a movement of energy with negative emotion, but it is

energy moving out of us. So it is important not to look for results

during expression, but afterward. After crying, for example, are you

exhausted or refreshed? Healthy emotion always refreshes us. This is an

objective result.

After practice, careful observation, and a tabulating of results, you

will begin to notice a definite 'taste' to both healthy emotion and

negative emotion. We need to use this taste because of the speed of

emotion (see Somatics and the Unconscious), which is infinitely faster

than ordinary thought. In this way we will develop an ability to emote

in a healthy way and control our leaks. The effects of this on our

physical health will be quickly and clearly evident.

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