Find the colors of the clothes - is it necessary?

There are colors of clothes, who "improve" the complexion, visually

smooth wrinkles, young, clean bags under the eyes. Different colors of

clothing can create the appearance of the transformation of your

image. As well there are colors that are not capable of such a

transformation, but quite the contrary may age, adding age, slim

figure and hide more.
Color Picker

Your color palette can pick up the image-maker. Shades depend on the

person, someone can come up all the colors of the rainbow. The palette

can contain only warm, not bright colors, cold, or vice versa, catchy.

According to statistics, many women suits or bright palette, or

pastel. The combination of all colors are not available to all types

of women.
Pluses and minuses

Selected color palette creates a visual effect really Facial

Rejuvenation, stress freshness and health, and embellish your face

without makeup.

Every color has an impact on the body, emotional state and mood. There

is even such a thing as "color therapy", with which you can cure

various diseases.

In the chosen color specialist can attend only the cool colors, or,

for example, only warm. Psychologists believe that when a person

chooses a particular color, it is guided by an internal need to

achieve harmony within yourself. This most often happens


If the proposed image-maker of the palette include the colors that you

are lacking, then that's fine, that happens infrequently. Otherwise,

the colors that make you prettier and younger, can cause an internal

Color Saturation

The color palette can be selected so that one person will only bright

colors, and another - only the pale. As you know, not just the color

affects the emotional state, but also its intensity. Bright colors can

invigorate and tone up, and pastels, on the contrary, soothe and


If you always wear only bright colors or pastel, it can lead to

emotional imbalance, depressive mood. Such results can lead a rich and

vibrant colors, and serene, pastel.

As noted by sociologists, many people who switched to the color

palette from which he proposed, the apparent deterioration of the

internal emotional state. Those who were offered pastel shades, said

that their life has become dull with internal disharmony. And soon as

they move to the bright color, like life was adjusted immediately.

Those who are image makers have advised to wear bright colors, marked

"emotional burnout" of anger and suspiciousness. A transition to a

more peaceful tone, their internal state immediately stabilized.

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