How to open a second hand

So. You have pondered opening their own shop and you are interested in this stuff second hand.
We congratulate you, you chose the right path, and our simple tips will help you to understand some nuances of this interesting, exciting and profitable, yes, yes, it is profitable, business.

In any case, recall that the second hand - any thing second-hand. For example clothes, shoes and accessories.

Let's start with the characteristics of second-hand clothing trade.


small initial investment;
sufficient return on investment.

found a negative relation to the goods from the buyers.
To open the second-hand shops will require a minimum of means. Prices of second hand, buying clothes in bulk , very low in comparison with the prices of new clothes. Investments depend on the location of the outlet, a form of trade and prices. The payback period is okolo1 year. In the intermediate seasons, spring and fall, and you can recapture the money quickly.

Start of course, you can trade with cots on the street. It's certainly less risky, but still that something was wrong. Especially that of clothing in the markets is not so popular a few years ago. Growing popularity among large and beautiful stores that attract shoppers with bright windows and loud commercials.

The room must be selected from 40 m2 - this will expand the range in a more attractive and convenient for buyers form. If you have a room quite large (100 m2) can safely divide it into sections for men, women and children's clothing. This allows buyers second hand clothes in the store easier to navigate.
Just do not forget to wear the trays, hangers, and of course about dressing mirrors!

It is worth considering, and a separate room, where you can calmly analyze clothing seknod hand, hang it on the coat racks and put into categories.

The most important question - is the choice of supplier wholesale clothing . One of the best options - is to select one vendor and buy clothes in bulk from him in large volumes. This will get special discounts on clothing wholesale, and also may be trained. Acquainted with our offer to sell water wholesale to this page.

On average, a month of work needed to store about 1 ton of things. Sell ??as a mixed wholesale clothing, and various sorting. Before buying, we offer open bag with clothes and see its contents.

Range - a delicate matter.
For a start is better to try Mix clothing wholesale of men, women, children and teen clothing of different price categories. Then simply keep track of the clothes, which are in great demand and, therefore, have the following mix buy second hand clothing in bulk.

And once again draw your attention to the fact that the trading floor must be fitting with mirrors and rugs on the floor, just a big plus is the placement of mirrors and in the room trying on clothing.
Put the packing table outlet store, and on entering special boxes where you can leave large bags and packages that may interfere with the choice of clothes.

If you have any questions or want to refer to specialists for consultation , we are at your service. E-mail us or call us at any time of day (do not forget about time zones!)


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