From the history of women's turtlenecks

In 1959, Pierre Cardin legible shocked the French public for its collection of pret-a-porter, the main element of which was a turtleneck. This act of the young couturier was so blatant that Pierre Cardin was excluded from the Syndicate of High Fashion. But despite this, turtlenecks started winning streak over the world.

In many ways, the success and rapid spread of these clothes have contributed to show-business stars and fashion of the time, in particular, the group "The Beatles" and the model Twiggy. Following Pierre Cardin and other designers have been actively used turtleneck dress in their collections. Yves Saint Laurent brought such a formula the appearance of a business lady: " A narrow black skirt and black turtleneck jersey fine - that's my image of a business woman . "

Pierre Cardin was the designer who invented the knitted fabric, called "noodles." Because of this jersey, "noodles" generally, and sewed a turtleneck. They fit snugly to the body was warm, emphasized the figure of a woman and have been democratic for the price. They could be in the locker room a few pieces and putting under the same business woman suit every time and look fresh in a new way, through different colors. It is interesting that, despite its simple, standard fit and the main feature - the high neck, you want to tuck, and which serves as a stationary scarf sewn to the sweater, turtlenecks, too, as well as other wardrobe items - skirts , dresses , shoes - with time experienced the fashion trends.

Women's turtleneck
It is difficult to imagine a more democratic, comfortable and versatile piece of clothing, than turtleneck. Surely, anyone of us at least two divers, but you always want to make it a lot: wool and cotton, and colored products rigorous, dark colors. In turtleneck we go to work in theater, on dates and business meetings.

Turtlenecks in women's clothing stores Koza de Reza

History turtleneck
And, meanwhile, a turtleneck is not immediately settled down in closets fashionistas and fashionistas. The very name, the look of the clothes (especially the appearance of who it is) is associated with a diving suit, and not by accident. It is the divers in the 19th century were the first to wear these clothes under heavy diving suits. Feature of the sweatshirt was that it was not just jumpers and jumper with high neck, which could tuck the two, even three times. This created an additional protection for the neck when putting metal diving suits.

Later, on the turtlenecks turned their attention to the pilots. The first planes were open, in-flight ice wind penetrated through and through. Turtlenecks are worn under the flight jacket, thus protecting the body and neck from the cold. Gradually, many pilots in the early 20s of last century, began to wear turtlenecks and in everyday life, putting them under the costumes. French test pilot Albert Santos - Dumont was the first who appeared in a secular society in the turtleneck, worn under civilian clothes, not under the flight jacket.

Following the race drivers and aviators have their professional piece turtleneck dress. The reasons were the same: tight to the body of a sweater with high neck protected from the wind and cold from contact with the helmet.

During the Second World War, turtlenecks became a part of military uniforms in many countries.


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