"A whiff of the Century"

Fashion Consulting Group and State David's Bridal University - Higher School of Economics are 4 and December 5, 2009 lecture series by Alexander Vasilyev, "A whiff of the Century" (History of the Twentieth Century Russian fashion). In Alexander Vassiliev has amazing talent - to revive the past. The best-known and respected researcher in his fashion finds those elusive details, rhythms, shapes and colors that make for us the past is absolutely visible and tangible. This gift - the result of constant hard work of the researcher and collector of rarities. Romantic ball gowns, coats strict, smart coats, sailor and nostalgic children's brutal commissar leather jacket, suits, angular "Moskvoshveya" and summer sundresses inmates undergo a succession of images Peredelkino ghost in a unique series of lectures about the Russian fashion of the twentieth century. "Fashion - says Vasiliev - is closely connected with everything that happens in the social, economic, cultural and even political life. That's why after decades of all documentaries about fashion, apparel and accessories, portraits and photographs bridal gowns become the most valuable historical evidence. " The course of lectures "Blow the century" - is a detailed story about the Russian fashion of the last century, its fleeting and sharp changes "moods." The material of lectures based on the unique source of the richest collection of the historian: fashion magazines, newspapers, interviews and recordings of conversations with renowned fashion designers, actresses, models, in short, those who created and wore fancy clothes. Alexander Vasilyev - an apologist for the Russian fashion, the man who expanded the scope of our presentation on the work of local artists, designers, tailors. He spoke about the Russian style, which goes beyond the banal stereotypes about Diaghilev's seasons and socialist realism: "In the twentieth century, Russia was the original creative potential, which she opened a very peculiar way." The timing of lectures 4 December: 18.30 - 21.20 The lecture: The history of Russian fashion beginning of the twentieth century The cost of the lecture: 700 rub. Venue: The State Tretyakov Gallery, Conference Hall, Art. Metro Oktyabrskaya, or Cultural Park, Krimsky Val, Building 10. Time lecturing 5 December: 11.00 - 18:00 The lecture: The history of Russian fashion mid-and late twentieth century The cost of the lecture: 1 200 rub. Venue: University - Higher School of Economics, a conference hall, art. metro Pushkinskaya or Tverskaya cheap wedding dresses Small Gnezdnikovsky lane, 4. Project organizer: the company Fashion Consulting Group and State University - Higher School of Economics http://yaduse2011.blogse.nl/ http://www.golivedemo.com/social/user/yaduse/blogs http://www.blogi.moje.pl/?u=yaduse http://www.rsgoldfarmingsecret.com

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